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Closes PharmaCo Acquisition

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Closes Acquisition of PharmaCo with 21 Cannabis Licenses

Tue, February 8, 2022, 10:51 AM
  • State transfers 21 medical and adult-use cannabis licenses to RWB Michigan, LLC.

  • Acquisition includes:

    --Eight fully operating dispensaries (five dually licensed);
    --Two operational indoor cultivation facilities totaling over 30,000 sq. ft.;
    --One municipally licensed 10-acre outdoor cultivation facility operationally ready for 2022 season;
    --Two ready-to-open dispensaries; and
    --22 owned properties for potential additional cultivation and dispensary locations.

  • RWB now fully licensed and integrated from seed-to-sale for medical and adult use cannabis in Michigan, a top U.S. market with $1.79 billion in 2021 cannabis sales

  • RWB expands to 180 employees in the State of Michigan

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I was hoping for a quick short squeeze, but that didn't happen.

I am overweight in RWBF, and chased it down. I will certainly keep a long position for a few years, to see how it pans out. However, I wouldn't mind reducing position, so I can  balance my potfolio.

I think that is what is happening today. i think investors are trying to get to break even, sell some, and keep some.

I think Share price will be much more volatile now, with more upswing potential now. Just my opinion. I like Red White and Bloom. I jokingly called it gloom and doom to myself, but now, after pharmco deal closed, its back to Red, White, & Bloom for me. lol


D.H. Did a video on RWBYF, I think prior to pharmco worries, and I suggest people watch it if they are interested in this company.

Now that the Pharmco deal closed, I am confident its on his list of 50,000 things to do list. I imagine its closing pushes it up on the list, but thats just another guess on my part.

I think the pharmco delay, slowed progress down, but these types of deals are new, and processes are not developed in these States to do this sort of thing, so the "process" takes time,and varies State to State.

I think its way too early to tell if this delay hurts RWBYF long term. I think what happened is Michigan now has a process, and other States if they are smart will learn from this and establish processes to make these kind of acquisitions, much much faster to close!!!!!


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After all the hype, CEO talking about what was going to happen and making excuses why it was taking so long....the transfer has been completed. 

As I patient investor, when is the full impact of this transaction going to reflected in the financials?  2nd or 3rd quarter? 

I expect the stock price to increase significantly when the revenue is recognized in their financials.

D. H. Taylor
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@rtimothyobrienhotmail-com Not sure I saw as much pop in the market as i thought there would be.  This was pumped up so much.  Thing is, if we take away the news on this, did RWB move upwards any differently than any other cannabis stock has moved this week?



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