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Q3 Earnings

Ricky Perkins
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2021-11-15_Schwazze_Announces_Third_Quarter_159.pdf (

Rev 31.8M, Profit Margin 47.3%, Op Eff 35.2%, EBITDA 8.8M, EBITDA/REV 27.6%, Net Earnings 1.0 M

3rd quarter of positive EBITDA, 2nd quarter of positive Net Earnings, Rising Revenues, company acquiring cultivation areas in Denver and Aurora, adding home delivery and another dispensary

D. H. Taylor
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@gr8day4alemonadegmail-com That's 27% EBITDA/Revenue.  That is well above the S&P 500 which is roughly 22.5%.  These guys are going to do very well and, they are very likely to get acquired.  The numbers are generally in line with previous numbers.  Need more revenue gains, but that will happen.

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@cannabisinvestingnewsletter Do you know if Colorado is awarding any more licenses?