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Schwazze SHWZ Stock A Hidden Gold Nugget In The Colorado Rockies

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I have known about this company for some time; Schwazze SHWZ stock.  I have lived in Colorado where they are based.  But, doing an analysis on them did not make a lot of sense simply because the financial data was not very exciting.  But, that is changing rapidly and I think there is an opportunity here.  This cannabis vertical company has 17 dispensaries in Colorado.  Revenues increased significantly the past quarter and on a pro forma basis would have been even far higher.  The metrics are starting to get to impressive levels; they are on the cusp of profitability.

One thing to keep in mind is that Star Buds had been acquired at the end of the quarter.  This is where a lot of the growth you will see comes from.  I will be presenting various mixes of financial data because of this.

Ricky Perkins
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Mr. Taylor I thoroughly enjoyed this analysis! However I am concerned about something as a new cannabis investor. I saw that an executive of the SHWZ company, a Mr. Joudeh Naser Ahmad, filed a FORM 4 with the SEC on 3/2/2021. In this he reported acquiring about 5 million shares of SHWZ stock for himself and his spouse. Was this his salary? If so, is it that after or prior to Net Income? If after net income, that would seem to wipe out most of the company earnings for 2021. Please help me figure it out. I am not sure how to read those SEC forms but I would not want to buy shares in a company that had greedy executives.

Kim Rivers (CEO at Trulieve) and other executives at Trulieve are very investor friendly and aggressively buying Trulieve shares with their own money per SEC reports.

Thank you in advance. Also thank you for your service from a fellow Desert Storm veteran.


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