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The Valens Company VLNS Stock Set For Longterm Move Higher

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I first got wind of The Valens Company VLNCF stock a long while ago.  But, it is the retooling of the business over the past year that put them higher up on my radar.  They are focusing on becoming the white label cannabis producer.  That would not be my pick for cannabis companies.  I measure this from two angles: Doing all of the dirty work usually means lower margins.  On the other hand, this is cannabis.

While The Valens Company has not come out with future guidance themselves, they have relied upon outside analysts' projections for revenue and EBITDA. Future projections will have revenues increase significantly.  I wanted to look at these projections and break down what this would mean for VLNCF stock over the next 1.5 - 2.5 years' time.


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