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TerrAscend TRSSF Stock Buys Gage GAEGF Stock

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TerrAscend TRSSF Stock is buying Gage Cannabis GAEGF stock in a $545M deal.  The terms of the deal are simple: Each GAEGF stock shareholder will receive 0.3001 of a TRSSF Stock share.  This gives GAEGF shareholders an immediate 18% premium.  The deal is an all-stock deal.  TerrAscend is already in 4 states and 10 Canadian provinces, so this will expand the company's reach to another jurisdiction; Michigan.

I have reviewed Gage Cannabis previously and had thought about adding them to my Top Picks of the Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy Now.  They fell short a little on some analytics.  Also, the fact that Gage Cannabis just went public I had wanted to give them a couple more quarters to see some more consistency in the metrics.  But, as some of you may already know, TerrAscend is already in my Top Picks and, therefore, now conveniently GAEGF stock has been added to my Top Picks with less risk.  I just missed out on the 18% premium potential.

I wanted to break down TerrAscend TRSSF Stock as a potential investment since they are in my top picks, as I mentioned.  Their recent numbers are solid and this will be a cannabis company that will grow continuously.  Gage GAEGF stock is growing as well, and the combination will print a lot of revenue over many quarters and years.  But, we are a little thin on knowing Gage's full numbers since they just went public a very short time ago.  Because of that, I am going to focus on TerrAscend and pepper it in with some of the numbers we do know for Gage.


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