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The Green Organic Dutchman Completes Strategic Acquisition of Galaxie Brands Corporation

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Pretty good size facility 

Galaxie's 26,000 sq. ft. Ontario production facility (the "Galaxie Facility") is fully licensed by Health Canada and operational with 2.0 production capabilities. The Galaxie Facility is expected to provide TGOD with additional cultivation, value added processing, packaging, extraction, and product development capabilities. Galaxie will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of TGOD and will remain the licence holder for the Galaxie Facility.

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@b17jayhawker Thanks for posting this.  They are finally starting to put together some numbers.  You may recall my conversation with Shai back a few months ago where he said his friends will try TGOD’s products and then that’s it. They are converts.  It may take a moment, but this company has the makings of building up some steam.  


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