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The Green Organic Dutchman TGODF stock Gaining Momentum

D. H. Taylor
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I have been watching The Green Organic Dutchman TGODF stock for some time starting back in 2018 when they first started ramping up.  However, they never seemed to gain traction and move forward in a positive direction.  Recently, they have been popping up in some of my Top 10 videos that I do.  Notably, they have made strides in revenue gains and gross margins.  They have certainly gained some ground in the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies.

In one of my One-On-One Zoom calls with Shai, you might recall that he mentioned a lot of the people he knows that have tried TGODF stock products end up exclusively using that product.  That perked my ears up.  So, I wanted to give TGODF stock a solid look and see if this was the beginning of something material.

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