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The Valens Company VLNCF Stock May Be In Play and reasons to buy

D. H. Taylor
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The Valens Company VLNCF stock is anything but extraordinary.  Yet, there is a compelling reason to buy this stock.  When you break down the financial statements, looking at the comparison of The Valens Company VLNCF stock to all of the other companies within the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Stocks, mediocre may be the call of the day.  The Valens Company is trying to be a purely white-label manufacturer of cannabis products.  There is likely a strong amount of demand for this kind of business model.

But, the compelling reason for acquiring The Valens Company is likely due to the fact that there is an 800-pound gorilla in the room buying the stock up simultaneously: Sundial Growers SNDL stock.  Sundial is likely to grab the entire company at some point and if your game is quick profits in the market this may be a play for you.

Notwithstanding that potential move, The Valens Company is not exactly the best opportunity to invest in.  Their numbers are unimpressive at times and revenue is flat.  But, now all of a sudden with the Sundial Growers relationship, maybe new companies using The Valens Company services of white-label provider will have the largest dispensary system in Canada to sell products.  That may push more products through the system pushing up revenues, margins, and ultimately profits.


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