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[Sticky] Tilray Brands TLRY Stock Forecast & Analysis

D. H. Taylor
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Here are my Tilray TLRY Stock forecast & TLRY Stock news updates starting in Q2 2022 with TLRY stock forecast 2025 onwards as one of the world's leading pot stocks.  Data is provided by Tilray Brands TLRY stock, one of the premier brand cannabis stocks, and will be continuously updated to show increases in gross revenues, EBIT profits, and net earnings.  Methodology is with a discounted cash flow statement showing an unbiased look at earnings without regard to company dynamics but, from a pure cash flow basis.

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Here is a quote from a news release today. I think its the CEO.

“One day I hope to be holding a bourbon that’s infused with THC instead of alcohol,” he said.

It's comments like that, and potential in countries like Germany, that make me think, cannabis is going to replace alcohol to some extent over the next few decades.




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