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Tilray TLRY Stock Set to Move Up on $4B Revenue Guidance

D. H. Taylor
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Tilray TLRY stock printed impressive numbers for the final quarter of 2021.  Or, did they?  There was a surprise earnings increase to some $33M but, this was outside of normal operations; Tilray printed negative operating profits in a big way.  But, one thing that Tilrayd did was provide insight into their future expectations for revenue: In FY 2024 Tilray TLRY stock is targeting $4B in revenue.  That is big and this puts Tilray as a mover in the Complete list of Top 100 Cannabis Companies.

So, I am going to break down the latest financial data and I'm also going to look at the possibility of what would happen with TLRY stock should Tilray achieve its goals of $4B in revenue for FY 2024.  I have been hyper-critical of Tilray since day one not because of anything more than the fact that Tilray TLRY stock has been sucked up into the hype that is cannabis investing.  But, moving beyond where they are to where they could be you have to wonder if TLRY stock could become one of the Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy?

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