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TILT Holdings TLLTF Stock With Significant Upside Potential

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TILT Holdings TLLTF Stock was once one of my top picks when I first launched this site.  There were metrics that I liked about this cannabis company and I felt that potentially, TLLTF was an undervalued marijuana stock.  Revenues are starting to increase and other metrics are holding steady at levels that are ultra-competitive.  Yet, gross margins remain lower than the highest levels.  At the same time, there may be a bit of stigma behind previous management.  Where this could be a detriment to current share holders of TLLTF, it is an opportunity for future shareholders.  Also, there are several new developments for the company and this will add more revenue moving forward.

But, what I wanted to look at was a natural progression of the existing infrastructure and show how small increases in revenue will add additionally to the bottom line.  Right now, gross margins are shallow at about 30%.  But, operating efficiencies are also at 30%, showing that management is keeping operating costs in check relative to revenue.  That is very promising.

TILT Holdings is EBTIDA profitable and, so, increases in revenue will add increasing marginal profits to the bottom line.  Ultimately, TILT Holdings was removed from my Top Picks as I saw a lag in the gross margins and revenue growth.  Revenue is starting to heat up and gross margins will surely follow.

Let's break down what this might look like.


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