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Harvest Health HRVSF Stock Will Go Up 200%

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As far as cannabis stocks go, Harvest Health is a solid company operating in growing markets.  The multi-state operator has key operations in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida as well as California, Colorado, and Utah (After having divested its locations in North Dakota).  Harvest Health reported 13% QoQ gains.  But, more importantly, they offered future guidance which will be the basis of how I look at this company.  After opening all of their remaining dispensaries and with Arizona flipping to adult-use recreational cannabis, future guidance for this year's revenue is stated at $380M.  This will drive Harvest Health Stock HRVSF up some 200%.

Given the metrics of this company, the growth that they will achieve, I wanted to break down the financials and show how Harvest Health is on a run-rate that would put the stock at $9.00 over the next 12 month period.  One thing to keep in mind about this multi-state operator is that its flagship operations are in Arizona where the state just switched to adult-use recreational cannabis.  Revenue growth in Arizona will be very high.

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The last sentence or paragraph is incomplete.


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