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Trulieve partnership with Ascend Wellness?

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Ricky Perkins
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Ascend Pop-Up | Trulieve Northampton

Trulieve partnership with Ascend Wellness in MA makes a lot of sense. Ascend had 18 dispensaries in Q2 of 2021 in 5 states: NJ, IL, OH, MA and MI.

TCNNF only has 2 dispensaries in MA now, but they will certainly be expanding and adding to their nationwide current 161 dispensaries.  I am sure TCNNF is interested in selling the LOWLF smokes brand out of California which AAWH has been selling in MA, Illinois and Michigan. 

TCNNF most certainly is eyeballing AAWH as a permanent partner that gives them access to 3 new important adult use markets: Illinois, the 6th largest state at 12.7M population and an AAWH dispensary in a prime Chicago location, NJ with population 8.9M and newly purchased land for cultivation and Q2 acquisition of Medmen's (MMNFF) NJ market, and Michigan with impressive sales and population of 10M. 

TCNNF can also enter the limited license medical market of Ohio in big fashion since AAWH has maxed out the cultivation limit AND the dispensary limit (5 dispensaries) in that state which is the 7th largest state with 11.7 M persons.  There is also a possibility of OHIO voting for adult use in 2022 (current polls 43% yes 36% not the rest undecided).  TCNNF could of course add AAWH dispensaries in MA to its own 2 dispensaries there.

AAWH like all cannabis stocks is cheap now and the market cap dipped below a billion now.  AAWH had 16% quarter to quarter growth for Q2-3 (and apologized lol) when many other cannabis companies had 3-5% quarter-quarter growth. They are guiding to $340M Rev for 2021.  They are EBITDA positive for three quarters: ever since becoming a publicly traded company earlier this year.  They have increasing margins and increasing EBITDA.  They are close to net income positive.  Since TCNNF is sitting on cash and good credit they may be getting tempted....

I expect a big rebound in 2022!

Happy Holidays to all

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D. H. Taylor reacted
D. H. Taylor
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@gr8day4alemonadegmail-com I see Ascend getting picked up.  And, Ascend is involved with other brands as I mentioned in my most recent videos... did I start a forum page on Ascend yet?  hahaha... so much going on.  


Russell Claeys
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 I own several pot stocks including Trulieve. But the entire sector just seems to be collapsing. I understand the future potential. But man my wife has been chewin my ass the past few months !  

D. H. Taylor reacted
D. H. Taylor
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@ruclaeysgmail-com While I cannot advise you on the home situation, I can assure you that when you compare what the companies earn from the stocks you are holding, comparing that to the broader market, there simply is no comparison.  There is a tremendous amount of value locked up in these stocks.  

Keep this one thing in mind: Warren Buffett has made an entire career and name for himself by investing in stocks that no one wanted to buy.  He focuses on value, what the company earns, and what you have to pay to get those earnings.  It may be difficult for you to pull this off, but you are in the same league as the world's best investor.  

Let me know what your wife says about that!


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