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Trulieve TCNNF Stock to $80 and I show you how

D. H. Taylor
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Trulieve TCNNF Stock is an undervalued marijuana stock.  But, how do we know this?  I have been tasked with building a discounted cash flow statement to show the mathematics of how TCNNF stock gets to $80.00.  But, I have also already done a quick analysis where my objective was $78.00, so the math adds up in other ways.

A discounted cash flow statement is an elaborate mathematical spreadsheet that looks at multiple variables.  The variables include time, interest rates, rate of growth of revenues, profits, gross margins, and many other interesting input levels.

What is important to note is that many highly quantitative analysts use this methodology that enables a qualifiable mathematical derivative to establish a price target.  Because this is widely used by these quants, it is important to note as this would be the price target for these quants.  I will be working to incorporate this kind of mathematics into the website in the future and hope to have something concrete in each respective stock page as well as the individual article analysis.

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