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Trulieve TCNNF stock to move up $78.55 from guidance

D. H. Taylor
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Trulieve TCNNF Stock is a massive dispensary operator in the State of Florida and sits prominently on the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies.  And, they are in the process of expanding to 5 additional states.  Trulieve TCNNF Stock growth rate for revenue and other metrics is an exceptional story from this largely grass-roots kind of beginnings and they are one of the Best Marijuana Stocks to buy now.  They currently operate some 79 dispensaries in Florida with ~49% market share.  They plan on doubling the number of dispensaries in short order getting to 115 dispensaries around the country by year's end.  The stock has moved in kind upwards.  And, Trulieve has issued guidance for the upcoming year.  Given the moves upward in TCNNF stock I wanted to break out the financial data and show where the stock could be should they achieve their goals of $850M with $375M in EBITDA profits (Up from $520M & $250M, respectively) and you can learn all you need to know about how to get started in cannabis investing.

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