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Unrivaled Brands UNRV Stock Takes a Big Leap Forward

D. H. Taylor
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Recently changing its name to Unrivaled Brands UNRV Stock from Terra Tech Corp TRTC Stock; they have put together a large footprint with three states: California, Nevada, and Oregon.  And, with the Unrivaled acquisition, Unrivaled Brands will now have sales in Arizona and Oklahoma; Unrivaled Brands's footprint is taking a big step forward.  The combined companies are expected to generate about $70M over 2021.

Also, Unrivaled Brands has monetized two separate assets, one being a dispensary and the other real estate.  From this, Unrivaled Brands is bringing in $40M in proceeds and carrying two notes receivables.  This will continue to add to cash flow.  More, Unrivaled Brands entered yet another agreement to bring in an additional dispensary in Sacramento, SilverStreak Solutions.  This is a very positive move that brings in a large customer base in Sacramento adding to Unrivaled Brands's already large customer base in the Bay Area.  Although Unrivaled Brands did not state revenues, I could imagine revenues hitting up to $100M - $120M annually.


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