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New Mexico cannabis sales $5.2 M on first weekend of adult sales

Ricky Perkins
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Congrats to VRNOF, GDNSF and SHWZ.  Adult sales started in New Mexico last Friday April 1st.  Pictures on the internet show very long lines at NM dispensaries over the weekend. Numbers out yesterday reveal an incredible $5.2 M in cannabis sales for the first weekend of adult use legalization. WOW!  NM residents' number 2.1 M in population.  They must enjoy their cannabis.  Maybe west Texans enjoy it also.  This is NOT an April Fool's joke.

VRNOF also is undoubtedly benefitting from the 2nd best month for cannabis sales on record in Illinois.  This just occurred in March 2022 at $131 M.  $90 M was from in state residents and $41 M from out of state.  This was good y-y and m-m growth in Illinois and was also organic growth because they have not yet released new cannabis licenses for more stores in Illinois.  Revenue numbers should show up in Q1 2022 reports of the Illinois players like VRNOF and AAWH who have the maximum number of Illinois cannabis licenses.

Congrats cannabis stockholders!  Thanks DH


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