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Number 2 in Florida?

Ricky Perkins
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I saw information on You Tube last week showing Verano (MUV dispensaries/Alt Med) has moved into the number 2 position in legal sales of grams of cannabis sold in Florida.  It appears to be just ahead of Ayr (Liberty Health) and Curaleaf and of course everyone is far behind Trulieve, who dominates in the rapidly expanding Florida medical cannabis market.

I don't know if Verano is number 2 in other metrics; like number of customers, Florida revenue, etc.  

Good cannabis investing to all.  Our day will come.

D. H. Taylor
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Hey @gr8day4alemonadegmail-com ... thanks for this.

I have not looked at individual metrics in each state.  But, Verano has some of the best numbers across the board.  If they are starting to edge out the former #2 then that is a big move.  But, Verano is a great company with, what I hear, great products.  That is what drives this.

Remember that AYR bought up Liberty back in December of last year.  So, that is the foundation of that.  Florida is rapidly expanding and as it is, the state is considered underserved.  There is plenty more growth.  

Other states growing rapidly are AZ & MI.  Pennsylvania and Illinois are also fast-growers.