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Verano Holdings VRNOF Stock A Cannabis Company to Buy Now!

D. H. Taylor
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I had received many requests to take a deep look at Verano Holdings VRNOF Stock.  This cannabis company has always been on my list of things to do from all cannabis companies.  Typically, I shy away from bigger cannabis companies.  You have an assortment of companies that received capital infusions and outside investments from more established companies looking to grow their revenue sources.  These investments mostly fizzled out and produced more loss than gain.  Given that, as mentioned, I shy away from these larger cannabis companies.

This does not mean there are players that are large that are not also solid cannabis investments; the two terms are not mutually exclusive.  Take for instance Green Thumb Industries, AYR Wellness, Trulieve, and Curaleaf.  These are all solid performers and at some point, I believe will outperform the better-capitalized cannabis companies.

When I saw the latest financial data on Verano Holdings I immediately knew that I needed to push this company forward and analyze them as quickly as I could.  The metrics are beyond impressive; they may have the best overall metrics of the top cannabis investments.

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