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Verano Holdings VRNOF stock sees big jump in revenue

D. H. Taylor
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Verano Holdings VRNOF stock is poised for significant upside.  This is one of the best marijuana stocks to buy.  The most recent financial release shows that this is one of the cannabis companies that is poised to move higher.  Revenues are on track for $800M for the fiscal year.  VRNOF stock has already printed about $350M and will print an additional $450M in the next two quarters.  But, it is Verano Holdings metrics that are most impressive.  Revenue growth rate ranks as some of the highest consistent numbers amongst cannabis companies.  Verano Holdings margins are strong and will continue to print solid gains.  EBITDA/Revenue on a percentage basis for VRNOF stock puts them near the top 10.  And, Verano Holdings VRNOF stock operating efficiencies are some of the best amongst cannabis companies.

Given the metrics of Verano Holdings, this marijuana stocks course to getting to $800M in revenue, and the future outlook I wanted to look intently at this particular cannabis company.   I also believe that VRNOF stock may be one of the most undervalued marijuana stocks there are right now.  With the metrics and revenue growth, this is a stock that will increase significantly.

What I really wanted to focus on is the forward looking numbers and where this could put VRNOF stock.

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