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Vext VEXTF stock to go up 4x as company continues to profit

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Vext VEXTF stock could easily push much higher.  This is a smallish boutique cannabis company with a lot of upside potential because of its metrics alone.  Easily, Vext Sciences VEXTF vies for the top spot on a lot of my metrics that I follow.  And, a lot of these metrics I can see improving as more revenues are created.  Currently, Vext Sciences is expanding to meet demand.  In AZ, adult-use cannabis has seen much higher growth than initially was expected and companies are moving quickly to fulfill demand.

Despite that, Vext is a smallish producer at this time.  They are, however, expanding outside of their Arizona base into five more states over the next few years.  They have been developing relationships and signing deals.

The revenue gains we have seen will continue to increase and I expect further gains.  In the meantime, Vext Sciences VEXTF is profitable and an undervalued marijuana stocks you can buy today.


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