Complete List of TOP 100 Cannabis Companies

Here is the complete list of TOP 100 cannabis companies that I analyze on this site: Cannabis Investing Newsletter. There are some 350 different publicly traded & listed cannabis stocks. But, not all cannabis stocks report financial data with frequency. I have sorted through these cannabis companies to let you determine which are best cannabis stocks and which to stay away from. You will be able to learn a great deal about how to get started in cannabis investing.

Many cannabis companies are still in the start-up stage, and therefore there are a lot of cannabis companies that we could not be certain about their future. To make this list of best cannabis stocks, a cannabis company is currently earning revenues regularly reports financial data consistently. But, this does not mean that the cannabis company is necessarily profitable. I have sifted through about 100 of the 350 companies I have in a more in-depth listing to help you determine which are the best fastest growing cannabis companies. The cannabis companies below have made this list because they are productive and growing cannabis companies, and some below have made my list of Top 10 Fastest-Growing Cannabis Companies.

Further, if you want to see my Top Picks, you can click here to find the best marijuana stocks to buy now. I have sifted through the list of cannabis stocks to determine which are the best marijuana stocks to buy now and which are a bust.

The Complete list of cannabis companies

The best part about this listing is that it is sortable; you can go to the top of the listings and show either the highest numbers or lowest numbers:

Top 101 Cannabis Companies You Can Buy Now