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Here is a breakdown of the most recent Enterprise Value for all of the cannabis stocks I cover here on the site.[1]Wikipedia – Enterprise Value

To read this, a company with a very low EV/EBIT ratio would be more desirable.  Unfortunately, in this listing, many companies still have negative EBIT levels and therefore they show up as being lower than the more well-capitalized and performing companies (I cannot separate out using this basic spreadsheet).  Scroll down until you reach the positive numbers and then view these companies as a potential opportunity from the perspective of Enterprise Value versus EBITDA levels.  If a company has a low Enterprise Level versus a high EBITDA level, this will show up in this ratio.

For example, a firm with a low EV level of, say, $100M versus a high EBIT level of $10M would have a ratio of 10.  But, a firm with a higher EV ratio of $200M and low EBITDA of $5M has a ratio of 40.  If you are considering looking at companies from this perspective, you are searching for lower ratios.  But, this is not entirely inclusive of a companies opportunity; it is but one metric to consider.

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    1. @bradclarke80gmail-com Hey Brad… just seeing this.  

      First, here is the direct link to the post: https://cannabisinvestingnewsletter.com/enterprise-value-cannabis-stocks/

      There are only 10 stocks showing.  Then, they are scrollable and you can sift through all 105 stocks.  Not certain if that was the issue.  You can scroll up and down through the 105 stocks, and you can scroll side to side, if necessary, depending upon how much real estate you have on your screen.

      If this is not viewable, do a screenshot and send me a direct message either via email on the contact page, of through the forum messaging system.  

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