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If you are wondering how to invest in cannabis stocks & or, how to invest in stocks in general, this page shows a breakdown of my complete analysis and links to all of my postings.  Right now, the cannabis industry is seeing a tremendous build up of opportunity as cannabis companies are rolling out huge production.  Cannabis is becoming legalized.  And, cannabis federal legalization is just coming up soon.  This is the biggest time in history to be involved in cannabis stocks.  Cannabis could become federally legal very soon.  If this does occur, cannabis stocks are likely to push much further higher.  All cannabis stocks are likely to surge during this period if cannabis federal legalization occurs.  But, most cannabis stocks are going to settle right back down afterward.

To understand my analysis more, you also need to see my foundation that I work from.  I am first and foremost an economist.  I analyze world economies and I see how money flows from one portion of the world to another.  Then, with this flow of money, how would that affect an investor via interest rates & bonds, stocks, real estate, and other areas?  This is of great import to me.  And, I was even a Forex Hedge fund manager that traded FX options on a daily basis.  Money moving from one financial center to another presented huge opportunities around the globe to take advantage of disparities.

By understanding world economies and how money moves, and the effects of the moves in money, I have a unique perspective for longterm stock investors as I see these flows of funds.  Money moves.  And, I am talking about hundreds of billions of dollars every day.  This affects currencies, bonds, stocks, real estate and other investments.  If you are investing on any level you want to understand what happens when this money moves.

Within this website you will see howI intersperse economics and stock investing.  I also talk a great deal about bonds, interest rates, the stock market, as well as cannabis stocks.

How to Invest in Cannabis Stocks

The main focus of this website is cannabis stocks and how to invest in cannabis stocks.  Here, I break down all of the various areas of the website for cannabis stocks and how to locate all of the information for each page.

There are currently over 100 cannabis publicly traded stocks.  As best I can I analyze each stock and employ value investing techniques to determine which stock will outperform another.

Nasdaq-Listed Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis stocks that are listed on the Nasdaq exchange will be able to draw in far more investors since Nasdaq-listed stocks are available to all US investors.  Separating these stocks out allows for the ability to see which cannabis stocks will perform well if there are solid buying days.  These Nasdaq-listed cannabis stocks may be far more well-known amongst cannabis stocks investors.

See the Nasdaq-Listed Cannabis Stocks

OTC-Listed Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis stocks traded Over-The-Counter (OTC) are lesser-known cannabis stocks. Because of this, OTC-traded cannabis stocks may offer a far greater upside investment potential because of these stocks being lesser known and because these stocks may still be in the beginning phases of development.

Cannabis Stocks To Buy Now & My Top Picks

I have separated out my favorite cannabis stocks and I have listed them and the reasons why I like these stocks the most. My Top Picks are more likely to be profitable as these cannabis companies are more developed.

Cannabis Stocks Ranked

I have put together metrics for comparing cannabis stocks and these metrics allow for analyzing and comparing cannabis stocks to one another.

Markets & Economic Analysis

Analyzing the economy is one of my most focused targets.  I focus on the consumer as the beginning point of the demand curve.  Knowing what will occur in the demand curve will allow an investor to profit from the bigger moves in the stock market.

The Consumer & The Demand Curve

Since the US economy is over 70% consumer driven, the consumer is the starting point of my analysis.  Knowing the rate of growth of the consumer’s income will give you a solid understanding of the rate of growth of expenditures.  This will drive business growth for producing products and services demanded by the consumer.

Business Expenditures Follow the Consumer

The demand curve is driven by the consumer.  If consumers begin to favor one product over another this drives businesses to invest in producing these products.  Following the demand curve will enable an analyst to better understand how business investment will play out.

Visit the Markets & Economic Analysis Page

How To Invest in Stocks & The Stock Market

First, understanding how to invest in stocks is one of the most crucial things you can undertake for your financial future.  I analyze the broader stock market continuously and I provide updates frequently on both my YouTube channel and this website.

Stock Market For Beginners & How To Invest In Stocks

Here is a series of postings here on the website as well as videos on my YouTube channel.  Within this series you will learn all you need to know about how to invest in stocks.  This video series and postings takes an investor from beginner to expert level in how to invest in stocks.

If you are looking to understand how to invest in stocks, check out the posting and all of the various videos within the series.

Visit the Stock Market For Beginners – How To Invest In Stocks Page

Value Investing Principles Video Course

Within this video course you will find all you need to know to understand value investing principles.  Value investing is the basis for my approach to buying cannabis stocks.  I am looking for long term returns over many, many years.  These are the same principles that Warren Buffett has used to become the greatest investors in the history of the world, as well as one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet.

If you are looking to improve upon your understanding of how to invest in stocks, and are looking to apply long term investment techniques that are proven to work, this video course is for you.

Visit the Value Investing Video Course Page

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