Most Profitable Cannabis Companies

Here is a complete list of the most profitable cannabis companies shown by EBITDA profitability.  This list shows the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis companies.  systematically, I am putting together all of the different cannabis companies and ranking them in individual metrics.  If you are looking to get started in cannabis investing, if you compare all the financial data from each of the cannabis companies this gives you the ability to see how any one cannabis company will fare versus other marijuana stocks.  I have many tables available that someone wanting to compare financial data can use to see how each respective cannabis company stacks up.

Feel free to look at the various postings as I continue throughout the years to show the respective information for any one quarter.

What to look for when comparing cannabis companies

When you start out with cannabis investing you will want to first look to see how consistent a cannabis company is.  While some of these cannabis companies are continually increasing revenues and are becoming more and more profitable, EBTIDA profitability is one of the first real milestones a cannabis company can achieve is EBITDA profitability.  Cannabis companies that achieve gross margins that are modest compared to per unit revenue as well as operating costs staying in check will achieve EBTIDA profitability.  First, check revenue growth.  Then, you will want to look at gross margins and total operating costs.  If these two metrics are below revenue levels then a cannabis company can become profitable.

What you will find below

Below, you will find the latest financial data for cannabis companies as it relates to EBTIDA profitability.  There are five separate quarters you can look at for each of the cannabis companies.  Each column is sortable.  And, this is the continuous running total for each quarter for the cannabis companies.

I will continually post the data as I input all of the new data for the cannabis companies.  We are finishing the end of Q1 for 2021 calendar year and are about to see new data for each of the individual cannabis companies.   What I will do is continually update this chart, but towards the end of the calendar quarter I will do a posting and video so that this is set in stone.

You can sift through the respective data and determine how each of the cannabis companies did in any one quarter.  Remember, however, this is calendar year.  Also, all of the data is USD and is stated in millions.

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 Most Profitable Cannabis Companies

Here are the top most profitable cannabis companies in order.  You can sift through each column for each quarter to see how each of the cannabis companies compare.  I will continually update this page with the latest data points.

What are my favorite cannabis stocks?

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