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  1. Glad I found your site. I was a member of NICI (National Institute of Cannabis Investors) since I started investing in cannabis back in 2016. Since then, they closed their service in April of this year. They were ok. If I had to grade them, they would be a C+ at best. I will continue to invest in cannabis because like you, I see a tremendous upside within this industry. I’ve seen the up in 2018 and the up in 2/2020 to 2/2021. Iv’e also seen the 2 downturns associated with both of them. The 3rd one will be the biggest one of them all, just my analysis. I would like to ask you a few questions so hopefully I can with my membership. Thanks again and best to you.

    1. Hi Richard…. Totally agree with you. There will be winners and losers, of course. Now is the time to figure those out. Some of these companies will be absolutely enormous in a decade. The downturns were a little of “guilt by association” with being on OTC and poorer performers. The next leg up will see the bigger players come in and buy the dips on the better stocks. I believe we are about to see big moves higher for multitude reasons. And, with the better stocks, I also believe we’ve seen the historic all-time lows.

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