Revenue Per Share With Future Revenue Projections

Here is the Revenue Per share for all of the stocks I have future projections on.  And, you will find the future projections for all of these stocks here.  Also, you can find in the last column, what the difference is from this year’s revenue per share to the increase out five years in advance.  The increase allows you to see that if you bought a share today, at today’s price, you get a certain amount of revenue per share.  But, the increases for revenue over the next several years are all different.  Using this table will enable you to see what the growth of revenue per share will look like over the course of the next five years.  Given the price you pay today, you can feasible determine what the growth rate would look like and which stocks will grow faster given a share price today.

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Revenue Per Share With Revenue Projections

7 thoughts on “Revenue Per Share With Future Revenue Projections

      1. @dhtaylor  Excellent chart that helps people see the potential big picture years down the road of how things could play out, and it comes as no surprise to me that the top 2 are Columbian cannabis companies that I own shares of! 
        The chart is working fine for me.
        I have stated many times that I think Columbia will dominate International cannabis trade, and it’s kind of Like how Saudia Arabia is with oil. They can provide it cheaper than other places and do dominate.
        The top 2 are Columbian cannabis companies! Khiron and Clever leaves. I almost rest my case. lol
        Ironically it was an interview of the CEO’s of precisely those two companies, clvr khrnf, that got me  more focused  on international cannabis, and researching it.  Both companies are very different in their model, and I watched the two CEO’s as they were interviewed and listened to both of them.
        Thank you D.H. for working so hard, getting that chart all put together and a video explaining it. If people wonder why other analysts don’t do what D.H. does, it’s because frankly, they can’t. Most cannabis analysts reports only go out a year.  Which can be worthless, if nothing towards legalization happens in a year. JMHO.
        Even if  any form of legalization ends up being 2 3 years, instead of hopefully sometime this year, well that would sure be unfortunate, D.H’s  value thesis still holds up, and actually gets stronger, IMHO
        D.H.s analysis specific to cannabis stocks, and his analysis of overall markets SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED! 
        When D.H. mentions its not time yet to buy on the dips and he explains it, I think he is referring to the overall stock markets.  He is not saying, don’t buy the stocks he has on his website as “buy now” or his top picks is for example,, if trulieve would drop to 10 cents,  he wouldn’t likely say dont buy it, lol, he’s not saying that. D.H. please feel free to chime in on this if you think you should.
        I say this because, people that are new here to this newsletter and forum, might not know to differentiate between D.H.’s analysis of the overall stock markets, and his opinions of buying on the dips in the cannabis sector and/or subsectors.
        I think its best to let his top picks and stocks he states “buy Now” speak for themselves, and apply D.H’s analysis of the overal markets to your own DD on other sectors of the stock markets as you and investment professionals may discern.
        GOD SPEED,

        Khiron Life Sciences

        Clever leaves

  1. Weird i can open this on my phone , but not on computer . The 1st thing i looked for only on Schwazze was the share count, its says thers only 42,875.303 shares oustanding but there is actually 149,000,000 shares that are in the money , if the share price goes up it could get to 200,000,000 shares . I wish i could edit a copy of this to get the share count right as ive heard you mention you pull this dat from Yahoo wich is mostly wrong on share count 

    1. @aconceptsketchgmail-com Someone else emailed me about the issue.  I show it in Apple on both Safari & Chrome.  And, everything shows up on my iPhone.  There’s nothing I can do beyond that.  It is likely a cache issue of some sorts.  

      In the meantime, has SHWZ stock at 55M; companies are required to report to the exchanges so, that is where I grab the data.  I’ll need to update that since the last time I looked at it.  Where are you getting the 175M number from?  

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