Vext VEXTF stock to go up 4x as company continues to profit

Vext VEXTF stock could easily push much higher.  This is a smallish boutique cannabis company with a lot of upside potential because of its metrics alone.  Easily, Vext Sciences VEXTF vies for the top spot on a lot of my metrics that I follow.  And, a lot of these metrics I can see improving as more revenues are created.  Currently, Vext Sciences is expanding to meet demand.  In AZ, adult-use cannabis has seen much higher growth than initially was expected and companies are moving quickly to fulfill demand. Despite that, Vext is a smallish producer at this time.  They are, however, expanding outside of their Arizona base into five more states over the next few years.  They have been developing relationships and signing deals. The revenue gains we have seen will continue to increase and I expect further gains.  In the meantime, Vext Sciences VEXTF is profitable and an undervalued marijuana stocks you can buy today.

Lowell Farms LOWLF Stock turns a profit with upside potential

Lowell Farms LOWLF stock is one of the best marijuana stocks to buy.  LOWLF stock is set to move upwards considerably.  If you compare the valuation for LOWLF stock to how companies are being valued on the broader market, LOWLF stock would be considerably higher.  Lowell Farms is increasing revenues as they ramp up production.  And, with the damage from the recent fired behind them, Lowell Farms can move forward and grow the company. But, one of the things that is always most impressive to me is the social engagement.  Lowell Farms gets some 1M social impressions per week on Instagram with an account size of 178K.  Plus, there is an additional 3M YouTube impressions weekly and, if they get a 5% click-through rate they are looking at 150K views there on a weekly basis.

Avant Brands AVTBF Stock Undervalued with Upside Potential

I have been keeping an eye on Avant Brands AVTBF Stock (Formerly GTEC Holdings stock GGTTF) for a while now. Avant Brands has built up its capacity and is generating consistently increasing revenues.  The latest financial earnings reported growth in revenues, however, there was a required holding back of product to fulfill Israeli product needs.  There has been a consistent increase in the overall price of cannabis received to $7.48 per gram.  Given Avant Brands AVTBF capacity, they could be printing about $85M - $90M (CAD)  in revenue annually.  So, what should AVTBF stock be worth if they were to consistently increase their revenues over the next few quarters to get to 100% capacity?

Auxly Cannabis CBWTF Stock A Cannabis Stock To Watch

Auxly Cannabis CBWTF stock has hit my radar on a few occasions.  It is a cannabis stock to watch.  There are a few metrics that stand out.  Cannabis 2.0 in Canada accounts for about 20% of total cannabis sales.  And, from the Investor Presentation, Auxly states they are selling about 14% of total cannabis 2.0. Seems a bit much, but the numbers mostly jive (I'll dig in to that).  Auxly is in partnership with Inner Spirit (Amongst others) to distribute its products through the Spiritleaf dispensaries.  There will be about 100 dispensaries throughout Canada.  If Auxly really is accounting for that much of total 2.0 product sales, there should be sizable revenue gains in the coming quarters. In the meantime, Auxly has printed solid revenue growth and has a few other metrics that are lining up.  There is still some heavy lifting to do.  But, that heavy lifting will likely fall into line once revenues increase.  This will be driven by economies of scale and margin revenue increases.  If Auxly can continue to increase its revenues as they are then, its metrics will improve.

4Front Ventures FFNTF Stock With Guidance is Major Growth Story

4Front Ventures FFNTF Stock hit my radar a while back.  I've covered them before but, now that I have my own place in the internet world I wanted to cover them again; they have just printed annual numbers as well as future projections.  There was a solid revenue increase.  More importantly, there are expectations in the form of guidance for far more significant revenue increases.  Unlike other cannabis stocks, 4Front FFNTF Stock feels confident enough to not only project into the next year but, also provided total guidance of its capabilities for its current capabilities.  I will look into both. 4Front started up in Washington State and has built up a solid business.  In fact, they produce the best-selling edible in Washington State as well as the #2 flower product.  Washington State is a highly competitive cannabis state so, that is a solid place.  Now, they are taking what they have learned and pushing that to new markets with a focus on Illinois and California.  Both of these states are growing rapidly. The theory from management is cost controls and production on the lowest-cost basis.  If all cannabis stocks were this way investing in these companies would be much easier.  When I first heard that concept I was leery of low-quality cannabis.  This notion gets immediately dismissed when you are reminded of their ranking with their edibles: #1 spot.  And, wait until you see the number they printed on gross margins.  Now, they are replicating the exact same methodology in all of the other areas they are moving into.