Verano Holdings VRNOF stock The Most Undervalued Stock

Verano Holdings VRNOF stock may be one of the most undervalued marijuana stocks you can buy. When you look at the numbers and you compare what Verano earns versus the broader S&P 500, you see that this stock is very undervalued. By my calculation, there is a potential 500% upside opportunity in the stock should cannabis stocks be valued at the same metrics as other stocks. To be sure, though, the markets are not going to ignore profits forever. The entire purpose of market participants is to pursue these profits. At some point, the market is going to catch on to what is happening in the cannabis market and buy into these opportunities. Let me break down what I am looking at for Verano.

Gage Cannabis GAEGF Stock Wants to dominate Michigan

Gage Cannabis, GAEGF Stock  in the US and GAGE Stock up in Canada, wants to dominate the Michigan cannabis market.  Analyzing this stock has been on my list of things to do for some time.  Unfortunately, Gage has only recently gone public so there is not much information out there.  This is what has kept analyzing the financials delayed.  Nonetheless, it is a popular cannabis stock and has attracted a lot of attention from people wanting to get involved in cannabis investing.  Despite there not being a lot of recent financial data, if you are sluethy enough you can put together a few pieces of the puzzle and determine what is possible with Gage.  Please note, however, for my regular followers, this analysis is going to be quite different than normal.