Fire & Flower FFLWF Stock Big Upside Potential

Fire & Flower FFLWF stock is a company I have had my eye on for a while.  They are expanding and growing.  Already, Fire & Flower is EBTIDA profitable four quarters straight and look to continue with that.  Also, they are backed by one of the world's largest retail chains and this should provide all the necessary support they need to continue to grow.  Fire & Flower FFLWF stock will very likely move higher over the coming quarters, Fire & Flower stock continues to see revenue gains and profits.  On the Complete List of Top 100 Cannabis Companies, they are moderately ranked and climbing making them a cannabis stock to watch. Given its position in the industry, I expect further growth with revenues and earnings and I expect the stock to move higher over the coming years.  As I mentioned in my article on how to get started in cannabis investing, you are looking for EBITDA profitability as the first major milestone.  Then, continued revenue increases will get a company to net income profitability. Beyond that, management will want to target improved metrics.  But, and as I point out below, metrics are already impressive and improving.  As you will see, Fire & Flower FFLWF stock is a company that will see continued increases as they grow with the newly legalized industry. Breaking down what Fire & Flower FFLWF stock will help to understand what is going on.