The Main Pillars of Economic Indicators

Understanding the pillars of the economy is one of the first steps in understanding the stock market.  The first thing to know about the stock market is that it is an indicator of the economy.  If you look at the stock market as a representation of the health of the economy, you take the firs step in getting ahead of the stock market.

In this video, I outline the principles of the economy and what drives the economy.

Understanding the economy first, and understanding the trends of the economy will enable a trader to get ahead of the stock market, and make money.  The stock market actually reacts to the trends of the economy.  But, it tends to be delayed from the demand curve.  If you are savvy enough, you can find these trends and get ahead of the curve, profiting from shifts in the economy and the stock market.

But, one thing you do not need is an advanced degree in economics in order to understand the economy.  Having a basic understanding of what to look for, and how to interpret and put together the information, is enough to get ahead of the stock market.

This video series is designed to give you the blueprint of this information, laid out in an easy to understand format.  I start with the demand curve, the so-called beginning of the economy.  Then, I show the ripple effects the demand curve creates as the economy expands or contracts.  Zeroing in on the demand curve enables traders to zero in on the beginning of the economy, and the beginning of the next move in the stock market.

This video series lays out these principles and shows you what to look for with the demand curve, how expansion and contraction in the demand curve moves the economy further, and what eventually occurs in the stock market from this.

Let’s begin to understand the beginning of the economy and how it moves the stock market.

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