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There will be 3 video courses to start. Each of these video courses stand on their own  and are crucial to understanding the economy, markets, and value.

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How To Analyze Stocks

How do you analyze a stock?  This complete course will show you hot to read financial statements and determine what a potential company could be worth given its growth rate and earnings.  This complete course teaches you how to read the financial statements of any one company and understand how healthy a company is financially.

In this complete course you will learn how to read the financial statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements of any particular publicly-traded company.  

Given an individual growth rate and earnings, knowing how to analyze a stock will empower you to make better and more profitable long term investing decisions.  

This complete, stand-alone course is key to unlocking how to be a better long term value investor.  

Course Value: $175.00

Understanding Markets & Economic Indicators

Get Ahead of the Curve!  The market can be thought of as a thermometer for the entire economy.  If you have a fundamental understanding of what is happening with the economy, you will be able to get ahead of big moves in the stock market whether they are up or down.

The stock market actually trades on a delayed reaction to the broader economy.  Therefore, if you understand signals within the economy, this will empower you to make more informed decisions with your investing and stock trading.

If you have signals ahead of the curve, you will make far more profitable investing and trading decisions.  

This complete, stand-alone course will provide invaluable information to make you a better stock trader and long term value investor.  

Course Value: $175.00

Course Curriculum for Markets & Economic Indicators

I am already putting together the videos for this course, one of the most important courses and, these are the individual videos you will be able to learn.  This may be the single biggest course material to take as this will help you see economic data and how to predict the overall broader market from data.

You will not need a PhD. in economics.  But, if you do work with the content in this course, you will learn a tremendous amount explained in plain English.

I will continue to work on the curriculum and finalize it.  

  1. Connecting The Economy to The Stock Market
  2. Breaking Down the Stock Market Sectors
  3. Connecting Consumers & Spending to Corporate Profits (And Predicting These Moves)
  4. Rates of Growth Explained
  5. Connecting Expenditures & The Demand Chain (And what “starts” the economy moving)
  6. Real Earnings: The Powerhouse of the economy & Inflation Adjusting
  7. Understanding Year-Over-Year Growth Rates and why they are so important
  8. Key Economic Indicators and which to watch, and why
  9. Lagging Indicators & why that could be a good thing

How To Pick Winning Stocks

How do you pick winning stocks?  The answer lies in creating models that show intrinsic value.  Then, you compare these models to the broader market.  If a company will be growing at a higher rate than other companies within the broader market, and the intrinsic value is below the broader market valuations, then this is a potentially winning stock.

This complete course is designed to show you how to find intrinsic value of any stock using Discounted Cash Flow calculators.  And, this course will then show you numerous ratios to use to compare any one stock versus other stocks and the broader market.  

If I a company is poised to grow at a faster rate than other companies, and its valuation is currently below other stocks, this is a potentially winning stock.  

This complete, stand-alone course will show you how to do all of these calculations and empower you to make better long term investing decisions. 

Course Value: $175.00

Course Curriculum for How To Pick Winning Stocks

What does it take to pick a winning stock?  With so many stocks to choose from, and so much information including all of the financial data from all of these companies, what is the best way to sort the information out and pick a winning stock?

This course is designed to teach you how to compare stocks to each other and pick the winnings stocks.

With this course, you will learn how to determine what metrics to use to compare stocks to each other and learn when to time market entry for maximal long term profitability.

  1. Determining Alternative Investment Baselines for comparisons
  2. Learning To Compare Stocks using Ratios
    Per Share Ratios
    Price Ratios
    Profitability Ratios
    Growth Ratios
  3. Understanding &Using Discounted Cash Flow Calculators
  4. Understanding & Determining Intrinsic Value
  5. Understanding Interest Rate Cycles And Investing
  6. Sector Analysis & Which Sectors Outperform others
  7. The Concept of the Margin of Safety

Value Investing -
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Courses 'Drip' with new content weekly:

The courses add new content weekly so you are not overwhelmed with so many courses all at once.  Each of the three courses have between 10 – 20 different video courses to watch – up to 45 total videos.  These videos will be released on a weekly basis.  

Courses Are Stand-Alone:

Each of the three courses are packed with information to learn; all three stand on their own.  So, given the amount of information, getting all three courses at once is an invaluable way of empowering your investment learning.

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