Most Undervalued Cannabis Stocks

Here are the most undervalued cannabis stocks for your cannabis investments, listed in descending order based upon their intrinsic value versus current stock price.  This helps determine the best cannabis stocks for your cannabis investments.  This chart shows the percentage upside opportunity.  I am using Discounted Cash Flow Calculators to determine what the future cash flow over the next 5 years is worth to an investor today.  This takes into consideration the revenue growth rates, EBTIDA levels, interest rates, risk, and other key metrics.

I am doing Discounted Cash Flow Calculations on all cannabis stocks that I cover that are EBTIDA profitable and can be projected into the future over the next five years.  We are entering a new quarter and as the new financial data becomes available, I will be adding these stocks into the list.  That means this list will be growing continuously over the next quarter and will be updated as I go along to determine what the most undervalued cannabis stocks are.

The prices for the most undervalued cannabis stocks were previously determined in the respective company postings.  Since I will be updating new companies on a regular basis, I will be adding to this list and updating each of the respective company’s intrinsic value and upside potential.  You can search for each cannabis stock to view their cannabis stock forecast.  Or, just visit the Cannabis Investments Forum & Discussion and find the stock you are looking for.

Most Undervalued Cannabis Stocks

Most Undervalued Cannabis Stocks & why invest in cannabis stocks for determining the best cannabis stocks for cannabis investments

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Criteria for Discounted Cash Flow Calculator Analysis

The key variable for me to do a discounted cash flow calculation on any one stock is that the cannabis company is first, EBITDA profitable, and second, that the future revenue & profits are projectable and predictable.  This eliminates many stocks from this. I believe I can do about 40 – 50 stocks in the coming quarters as that is the number of companies that qualify in this regard.

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